The Tandem Cochabamba Language Exchange is an activity promoted by Kori Simi with the support of ICBA and the Emprende Foundation. We seek to promote the dissemination of cultures around the world through conversation tables in different languages. In this event young people and adults get to know new friends regardless of age or origin. In addition, it provides the perfect scenario to break the barrier of insecurity while communicating in another language.

Tandem literally means a bicycle moved by two or more people seated one behind the other and equipped with pedals for each of them. Now it is an activity inspired by the inclusion of national and international youth and adults. The Cochabamba Tandem takes place every Tuesday from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m in different venues around the centre.

More information: Facebook: TandemCochbamba

Language Exchange



The tandem project has been carried out since 2010. The conversation tables are held in cultural cafés and warm atmosphere that promote cultural growth.

  • Know and share new cultures

  • Make friends with new people from around the world

  • Practice the languages of interest

  • Strengthen the ability to speak the language of interest, in addition to overcome fears or stage fright

  • Strengthening of vocabulary through conversation and interactive verbal and written games

  • Access to the learning advice of Kori Simi and ICBA

  • Enjoy a good coffee with your new friends in a quiet and relaxed place

  • Many more activities that you will discover when you upload to the Tandem …


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