Project Description


During your stay in the city you can contribute to the community through an internship in a social institution


Upon request, we offer our students the possibility of doing an internship in a social institutions in Cochabamba (nurseries, orphanages, organizations for the disabled, integrated tourism projects, etc.)

Generally, the minimum duration of an internship is three months, but may vary according to the institution’s requirement and the wishes of our students.

Institutions with whom we work:


Proyecto mARTadero is a cultural center located in the area of villa coronilla in the city of Cochabamba. They organize artistic and cultural activities, as well as projects with young people and children.


It is a foundation that works with young girls and and street workers. They have a school, offer psychological support and helf the children to develop manual activities. The foundation has two main projects. The albergue is a shelter for girls and teenagers with broken families and the Friendship Club provide the children with private tuition


It is a shelter for children and young people from broken or poor families. The center offers housing, food and school support and is trying to offer them technical training in the areas of carpentry, metallurgy, electricity and artistic training.


It is a home that works with girls, boys and young people, who come from family in rural areas. The home provides housing, food and education to helf finish their school. Once they finish school, the boys who wish to continue with their higher education go to the student residence “Luis Espinal”, which is managed by Tres soles.


This foundation works with girls and boys who come from rural families or families of farmers, who live in the peri-urban area of the city. They provide school support, manual, sports and theater activities. The foundation supports an educational center in the area with breakfast.

The foundation also supports the mothers of these children and offers health care.


It is a project that works with children and young people with special abilities, who receive physiotherapeutic and psychological support as well as other kinds of workshops. This project has animals and a small fruit and organic vegetables farm.


This foundation works with children between 3 and 12 years. It provides psycho-pedagogical support in the peri-urban areas of the city of Cochabamba. It has 4 main projects. The first one is called Ayni Education, where school support and early stimulation is provided. The second proyect is Ayni music and consists of reading and writing classes of musical scores. The children also learn to play instruments and to sing. Ayni art offers theater, drawing, painting and dance workshops, while in Ayni Lenguas English, German and Quechua are taught.


It is a nursery and a kindergarten that works with children from 3 to 6 year olds to support their working mothers.


The Bolivian-German center aims to promote the German culture and language with different types of cultural activities, a library and German courses.


In the linguistics department of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón, which is the public university lof Cochabamba, the volunteers help the students to improve their level of reading, writing, speaking and listening.


The Women’s Association of Mosaiquism Kuska is a women’s shelter in Villa Coronilla, supported by the mARTadero project.


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