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The Kori Simi Language Center is located in the city of Cochabamba, in the heart of Bolivia and South America.

Kori Simi comes from the Quechua language which means “golden tongue” or “mouth of gold”. Certainly, nowadays, learning a new language and knowing a new culture “is worth gold”. That is why, our courses point not only to the mastery of the language but above all to practical communication and also to the knowledge of Bolivian culture.

The Kori Simi offers high quality courses in Spanish, Quechua and English combined with an attractive program of cultural activities, as well as: accommodation (host families), volunteering, conversation tables (Tandem Cochabamba), training workshops, cooking , movies, walks, dances and much more. We are in a very quiet street, in the center of the city of Cochabamba and easily accessible by public transport.

The Kori Simi Language Center was born as an initiative of the collaborators of the Instituto Cultural Boliviano Alemán ICBA who have worked there as teachers of German or Spanish for many years and who have been trained in modern didactics for language teaching.

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Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified, we choose only the best after a complex selection process.

Kori Simi constantly trains his teachers, supervising his classes through evaluation forms that each student fills at the end of their course.


Our Location

The Kori Simi language center is located on 727 Lanza Street (between Chuquisaca and La Paz) in the heart of the city, steps from Paseo del Prado, close to supermarkets, restaurants and places to have fun. The perfect choice if you want a safe and central location.

Thanks to the fact that ICBA also works in the building of the Kori Simi Language Center, it will be very easy for our students of Spanish, Quechua and English to get in touch with young Bolivians.